The sofa bed mattress is worth buying?

The sofa bed is a brilliant find for many of us, combining the pleasures of rest of a bed, which is normally used as a sofa. Still very much in vogue today, this piece of furniture is undoubtedly a valid product for those who want to be ready for any eventuality, especially if they are planning to accommodate guests to sleep in the future.

The invention of the sofa bed:

Speaking of the history of the sofa bed, his patent dates back to the period between the 19th and 20th centuries. In fact, the African-American Leonard C. Bailey proposed a patent for the first “folding bed” on 18 July 1899. The bed frame was made of metal and could be folded into articulated points. It contained a mattress that could be folded and closed for use if needed. Later, it was known as a “hidden mattress” or “foldaway bed”.

A second patent is attributed to William Lawrence Murphy, obtained to make a “closet bed”, which today is known as “Murphy’s bed”. It is characterized by the fact that it can be folded and recessed inside a wall closet. The first real innovation took place in 1931, Bernard Castro built and sold his “Castro Convertible” using $ 400 painstakingly saved. Castro’s design is considered the ancestor of most of the sofa beds sold today.

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Memory foam mattress for the sofa bed:

Very common nowadays the sofa bed often uses only two types of mattress: the polyurethane foam mattress, or a mattress with biconical springs. This is because, having to remain bent for a long time when not used, it needs a mattress that is not very thick and that costs little.

Using a sofa bed is often a waste. Especially considering that a memory foam mattress has an average thickness of more than 20 centimeters, which is why it is unlikely to be easily folded into a sofa bed system. In addition, it should be considered the fact that the sofa bed wears and wear the mattress, which is unused too long; it will tend to give in and sink inexorably.